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Midnight Cargo mixes journalistic observations, sorrowful musings, and surreal dark humor as readers glimpse the Iraq War through the mind’s eye of a veteran attempting to find meaning through darkness and confusion. These loosely interlinked stories and poems together create a hybrid narrative of collective memory, covering multiple perspectives: US soldiers, veterans, citizens of Iraq, protestors, even an unmanned drone.

"Kevin Basl’s poetry and short stories take you to Iraq and back—stirring up soul-churning thoughts, like those that haunt soldiers and sometimes, abruptly, through Kevin’s creative craft, humanize veterans of the War on Terrorism, their adversaries and civilians caught in the crossfire."  

-Jan Barry, award-winning journalist, poet, and co-editor of Winning Hearts & Minds: War Poems by Vietnam Veterans

105 pages, with illustrations

Hardbound and handmade


Available from Illuminated Press

© 2023 by Kevin Basl

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